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AMAZING MOST CARING RECOVERY! My experience was delightful due to getting individual care, I felt the staff was truly listening to my pain and as a result I’m celebrating 5 year sobriety!! Thank you Dr. Rose and staff for having the Life’s Journey Center to helping people like me that had no hope.

Charlie J.

Thank you Dr. Rose and staff

Before I came to Life’s Journey Center I had problems with my depression, anxiety, self mutilation and distance from family and people who love me. Dr. Rose gave me intensive personal treatment for my issues that were running my life. At Life’s Journey Center I discovered the root of my problems, identified my pain and past traumas with specific assignments. With family participation and severe treatment, I reunited with my family. My fresh start in recovery I owe to Dr. Rose, staff and treatment facility. I was given hope, a sense of personal power and connection with God to begin my new journey in life.

Charlie Jordan

Grateful for Dr. Rose and staff at Life’s Journey Center – I am very blessed and grateful to have been at Life’s Journey Center. My journey started on an island 50 miles off the coast of North Carolina. My life had become completely unmanageable and I had burnt all my bridges with my family and loved ones. Hurricane Irene had just hit and I was literally standing in 2 feet of flood water trying to find a treatment center because I couldn’t take the way I was living life anymore. My family and I called many treatment centers inquiring about their services and when I could enter. Every treatment center we called, we either got staff on the phone that said someone would call us back, which they never did, or there was a seven day intake process we had to go through. It wasn’t until we called Life’s Journey Treatment Center that we got answers to all of our questions and we got help. It wasn’t a staff member that answered the phone but it was the owner and head doctor at the facility, Dr. Rose.

I got my life back at Life’s Journey, along with a positive spiritual sense of well-being and relationship with my family. Dr. Rose and her staff are amazing and I am forever grateful to have been there. Thank you Dr. Rose and staff for helping me regain all positive aspects of my life and showing me my true potential in Life.

Grateful to Life’s Journey Center – My life has changed and for this I am grateful to the Life’s Journey Center in Palm Springs, CA. I am 6 years sober and am living a sober life. Dr. Rose you and your staff truly have the addicts best interest at heart. I am living life and I love it. Thank you and blessings to all of you at Life’s Journey Center.


So Thankful for Life’s Journey Center and Dr. Rose – 5 STARS for Life’s journey center. I am enjoying over 4 years of sobriety. I am so thankful this Thanksgiving for my treatment at Life’s Journey Center. Dr. Rose guided me through my sobriety. During my treatment, I got my life back. Dr. Rose encouraged me to put God first and recovery. She encouraged me to get back into the community and my education. Thanks to Dr. Rose and my treatment at her center. I got hired in the community, earned my Bachelor’s degree at her sober living facility. Today, I am reunited with and enjoying my family. I needed to spend a long time in Palm Springs at Life’s Journey Center. I am also a graduate student with a 4.0 gpa…thank God and Life’s Journey Center. If you want to recover, go to Life’s Journey Center. Your life will change for the best.


DEFINETLY RECOMMENED – Just thought of the Life’s Journey Center and decided to send you a note with a heart filled with gratitude. I went through the program at Life’s Journey Center in 2003. I am still sober, leaving thoughts of drinking behind with the help of 12 step meetings and my sponsor. I remember Dr. Rose would tell me about the promises in the big book and would ask that I read them nightly. Today, I live by them. Best wishes to all the staff and Dr. Rose, you will always be in my prayers for it takes courage and commitment to do the work you do.

Dublin, Ohio

Forever grateful to Dr. Rose and staff! – A cherished loved one of ours arrived at Life’s Journey almost 4 years ago. From the very beginning, you could tell Dr. Rose cared deeply for those that truly seeked help.
She was very upfront and honest with our family every step of the way, including progress and length of stay needed, etc The staff always had time when we called to inquire about our loved one, which was so comforting being at a distance. We thank Dr. Rose for her professional knowledge, dedication, friendship, and the caring fashion in which she delivers it, and will be forever grateful for everything she has done for our family!!!!!!!!!

M2 Financial Group

BEST REHAB EVER!!!!! – I have three years sober. Yes, in a row! I am so very grateful for the amazing work you and your staff have done in my life. You taught me how to take responsibility for my sobriety and ways to reconnect with my family. This Rehabilitation center is definitely a A+ and more for families and addicts.